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He sighed softly and imperceptibly with an indescribable sadness in his voice "This time the night is really dead" Even if you feel distressed again if you play the wrong chess you can only abandon your son and you can't cut off your hands! The weather in Jianghu is very sunny II 22 2009-08-27 1101 The maple forest is dyed the reed flowers are better than snow and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant It is autumn but the weather in the south inflatable water slide of the Yangtze River is still gentle The city of Suzhou with small bridges and flowing water is as quiet and elegant as ever like a charming woman coming out of Song Ci It is less than three miles away from the north gate of Suzhou City On the pipeline pedestrians from the north and south are bustling showing a bustling atmosphere A girl in shabby clothes seemed to have walked a long way and her toes were already showing in her shoes Her face was covered with dust and she could not see what her true face was like Her long hair was combed in a mess and there were a few chicken feather grass clippings stuck on it Her clothes were stained with oil She was as down and out as she could be Up and down the province the only place to see is that a pair of round points black Beside her stood quietly a young man with a face like a crown jade His figure is slender light yellow square shirt treasure belt waist exquisite clothes handsome and picturesque a pair of deep eyes rippling with peach blossom spring water It was still a little hot and beads of sweat could be seen on the girl's forehead She looked at the city gate in front of her and wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead She said happily "Brother Liu Yue Huahua the city of Suzhou is probably ahead!"

The smile on the childe's face was still gentle and even the arc of the red lips had not changed The person who answered the girl's question was a big fat pig with smooth fur and several black flowers His round body rubbed against the girl's legs and his tail swung left and right Then he rolled it into a circle and hummed twice as if to answer Yes yes! The girl touched her stomach "Then let's go into town" Lift your feet and walk to the city gate The young man in yellow shirt like a shadow followed closely behind her and the big pig was in the third place I don't know what happy events have taken place in the city of Suzhou today Whether it is the narrow alleys of bluestones or the mainland of Tongjie people are crowded everywhere In the main street in the city people jostle one another helping the old and the young to stand on both sides of the road laughing and laughing very lively Seeing this scene although the girl could not make head or tail of it she also got excited-there was excitement to watch! In her impression only when she wandered to Anning Mansion last year it happened to coincide with the July 15 Obon Fair there was such pomp and circumstance I remember that day during the day the city was full of Taoist priests blowing and beating chanting sutras and kneeling down At night there were fireworks burning Dharma boats burning spiritual houses setting off river lanterns and many rich people giving porridge and steamed buns She also rushed to grab two bowls of porridge and several big steamed buns!

When grabbing steamed buns you can't queue up but you have to add them otherwise you may not be able to grab them Inflatable dry slide The girl pushed her way through the crowd her body was dirty and the people she met were not happy so someone scolded her "What are you squeezing You are rushing to reincarnation!" The girl opened her mouth and scolded the antidote back but as soon as she stared she found that he was a big man with a big waist and a steel knife hanging from his hip He was almost half as tall as himself Knowing that he could not afford to be provoked she immediately became three points shorter She nodded and bowed and said "I'm sorry I didn't see you old man!" Reach out to pat someone's skirt ingratiatingly When the big fellow saw the black claws he was disgusted and pushed her away "What are you doing" The girl was caught off guard and was pushed back a few steps by him nearly falling down The yellow shirt childe beside him stretched out his arm and held the girl's waist and helped her stand up Without seeing any movement he had passed through the dense crowd as if nothing had happened In the blink of an eye he stood opposite the big man His smile remained unchanged but his eyes were like a river cold to the bone and he did not know where to go to the afterlife The big fellow was startled in the middle of so many people even if he is so strong want to squeeze in and out is not easy and this childe is how to come in front of him he did not even see The girl took his arm and went back into the crowd

Far away the big fellow looked back only to see the childe tightly next to the dirty girl three feet away from her side passers-by as if pushed out by a pair of invisible hands the girl was unaware mouth curved smile is very happy she followed by a big fat pig is a square large inflatable water slide step walking steadily leisurely and contented The big fellow's forehead was sweating but fortunately he hid quickly and did not conflict with them That childe is definitely a master! He stretched out his hand to wipe Han with a sweat towel and as soon as he put his hand into his bosom his wallet was gone! The girl went into a crosswise alley and saw no one around her She took out an embroidered cloth bag in her pocket opened it and looked inside She saw several pieces of silver in pieces and two silver notes which added up to nearly a hundred taels It was the first time the girl had stolen so much money She danced with joy and said "I'm rich!"! Make a fortune! Brother Liu Yue and Hua Hua let's not go to eat steamed buns Let's go to a restaurant later Damn it!

XX is a rich man now and it depends on whether the bartender can drive people or not! The big pig flapped his big ears happily and flicked his tail vigorously and the young man in yellow shirt stood quietly as usual That's when Someone in the street shouted "Coming coming!"! They're in town! All the people in the street cheered What's coming The girl loved to join in the fun and rushed out at once But see the end of the street flags a line of elite charger is coming through the street The soldiers are all young and tough swords and guns although in the crowd still do not squint the army looks dignified looks calm but murderous Although tens of thousands of people crossed the border the footsteps and the sound of the horse's hooves were silent Even if the girl did not know anything she could see that this was an elite army with strict discipline In the crowd suddenly burst into cheers "General!"! General! General! General! The girl looked up but saw two big flags one red and one white appear in the army In the moire brocade on the flag each embroidered with a big character These two characters were recognized by the girl The one on the left read "Qi" and the one on the right read "Yu" ShuaiQi under there are two generals and the line joyshineinflatables.com

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When I looked down I saw the bracelet on my wrist inlaid with ruby and sapphire which was very luxurious and magnificent The dazzling light reflected by the gem made Muzi trance for a moment This is a gift I brought back from abroad Murong Chengdao paused a little and said "There's no chip in it" Mu Zi bit her lip "I don't want it The school doesn't let students wear these messy jewelry" "Then put it away and wear it on holiday" Murong Inflatable water park on lake Chengdao Muzi did not speak looked down and saw her schoolbag on the tea table took it over and opened it and all the things Murong Cheng had given her were inside ……” She looked at it silently for a while and put the gem bracelet sent by Murong Cheng into her schoolbag Not long after beef noodles were sent over placed in front of Mu Zi the temperature is still slightly hot Mu Zi eats beef noodles quietly She thought a lot What she thought most was whether she wanted to accept Murong Cheng or not Do you want to accept this relationship The answer is still no Murong Cheng is her nominal brother and he has a fiancee Muzi really couldn't find a reason to accept him Even if he and his fiancee are seemingly divorced the engagement is not a child's play as long as the engagement is not dissolved for a day the embarrassment and shame in her heart will always exist!

Murong Cheng said that when all the dust settled the engagement would be dissolved but when did the dust settle How long will it take him to be the head of the Huo family Can he sit still for the rest of his life Apart from the old man of the Huo family none of the former heads of the Huo family died a natural death! They were all killed If Murong Cheng could not sit in that position all his life would she want to be his shady lover and wife all her life …… In this way it seems that every head of the Huo family has a lot of women One of the most famous householders had more than twenty concubines Old Master Huo the former head of the family is now in his nineties and he also has eight wives The four big families have been handed down for a long time and they are all century-old families The marriage certificate only existed after the promulgation of the Marriage Law It is only fifty or sixty years ago and it is not worth mentioning in the eyes of century-old families They are more concerned about being recognized by the family itself than having a legally recognized marriage relationship so even without a marriage certificate the women of Old Master Huo are no different in status from their wives So after she Will you become one of the many women in the family Chapter 296 snap Muzi silently pinched the chopsticks in her hand She found it hard to eat At the thought that his future might become so unbearable Murong Cheng at the moment to her again gentle again affectionate also all became malicious poison!

Murong Cheng's slender fingers picked up a small quail egg from the lunch box put it on the edge of the tea table knocked it gently and slowly peeled it off revealing the egg white with brown texture inside Zizi what kind of man do you like Murong Cheng seemed to be chatting with her and asked in a faint tone Mu Zi choked It's ironic that she was asked the same question twice today A rich man She lowered her head to eat noodles and answered in a muffled voice Murong Chengxiao "I have money inflatable floating water park " Mu Zi says again "Can dive" "I can also dive" Mu Zi also wanted to say that she was not afraid of the dead but the words choked in her throat Murong Cheng of course is not afraid of the dead he kills people without blinking an eye and can blow up a person's head without changing his face! In that case he met all the conditions but "I don't like you" Mu Zi bit her lip and said firmly "Even if you have money and can dive I won't like you!" Murong Cheng put the peeled quail eggs into Muzi's mouth and forbade her to say the cruel words that poked his heart I'm so good to you why don't you like me He asked her with a smile as if he were helpless Muzi's mouth was filled with food and she couldn't speak Someone knocked at the door outside the room and a moment later Wang Zhan came in holding a delicate blue velvet gift box in his hand Murong took it into his hand opened it and there was a ring inside Without any embellishment a very simple silver-white ring even if you wear it to school there will be no problem Murong Cheng took Mu Zi's left hand and put the ring on his middle finger

The ring finger is the place to wear the wedding ring and the engagement ring should be worn on the middle finger Does what Murong Cheng did mean that he regarded her as his fiancee As Mu Zi was thinking he heard Murong Cheng say "Don't lose it The ring has a inflatable castle with slide built-in positioning chip If you don't like to wear a necklace you won't wear it in the future" Muzi was so angry that she pulled back her hand "That's why I don't like you!" Who likes to be watched all the time! She tried to pull out the ring pulled out for a long time the finger was painful the ring seemed to grow on her finger! Don't move! "Be obedient and don't make trouble" Murong Cheng touched her head and coaxed "I don't know where you are and I don't feel at ease" Mu Zi said sarcastically "I am a common people What are you not practical about" Even if something does happen one day it must be because of you! "Don't talk nonsense" Murong Cheng raised his face and felt that Muzi's words were very unlucky

Where am I talking nonsense I don't know how easy my daily life is As long as I stay with you it's either shooting or assassination! Muzi looked at the ring that could not be pulled out of her hand and she was angry and angry and what she said was more vicious and vicious "No wonder your fiancee is going abroad to marry someone else and she can't stand you!" Murong Cheng's face sank and his eyes made people feel dangerous Purple you say these words I will think you are jealous Mu Zi sneers "Whatever you think but the two identities are really convenient left and right embrace Rong Ye's heart is very beautiful right" Murong Cheng suddenly got up Mu Zi had no time to react and was pushed down on the sofa! -Bang bang! The little buttocks got two hard blows Mu Zi was so ashamed and angry that she struggled on the sofa "Murong Cheng!"! You bastard! You big bastard! I will never like you!!! Snap snap snap In the room Wang Zhan was embarrassed and could not bear to look directly at him Chapter 297 meekly accept (more than 50000 recommended votes per week) Both of them were very angry joyshineinflatables.com

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Tang Wutong seemed not to have heard his face did not change and even showed a trace of relief Such a man is really worthy of love! The voice was silent for a moment "But your lover has become your ability" Huo Yuhao was also silent and then he slowly fell down the ground of the blue silver grass fell on its own so that he sat cross-legged Tang Wutong sat beside him Huo Yuhao loosened his grip on Tang Wutong's hand and the look in his eyes changed a little and a thick sadness spread out He did not want to remember that memory but for the sake of Xiaoya teacher he could not care so much Closing his eyes Wang Qiuer appeared in his Inflatable 5k obstacle mind The handkerchief blown by the wind the sudden sight of the goddess of light began to awaken in his memory My name is Wang Qiuer! Cold voice lingering in the ear The deep roar seemed to be her heroic posture when she exerted her strength The golden dragon lance in her hands turned into countless shadows and powerful forces which made her defeat one enemy after another Her cold and silent gaze represents the tenderness of her heart Under the cold exterior there is a fiery emotion like a volcanic eruption

He is running away but she is persistent past scenes piles pieces constantly echoing in Huo Yuhao's mind It was not until the end until that moment when she lit everything for him without hesitation and turned into a strong light of sacrifice into his body that he finally realized that he was wrong It turned out that in his heart no matter how unwilling he was to admit it there was already a part of her His heart is so painful and painful After her sacrifice he never took the initiative to recall what happened at that time because he dared not really dared not He was afraid of the pain and at this moment when the pain hit him he could hardly Inflatable water obstacle course breathe Tears had already covered his face and his whole body was trembling violently The faint golden light echoed in the air and his sad mood affected all the blue and silver grass and flowers around him They hung their heads as if they had withered and were grieving with him The faint golden shadow behind him gradually became solid and it came up to him raised its front paws and tried to touch him But after all it fell down lowered its head and its eyes were full of sadness and reluctance Just then a slender and white palm stretched out and grasped its front paws

The three-eyed gold raised its head in astonishment What it saw was a sincere and beautiful face with a touch of sadness on its pretty face Three-eyed gold nodded gently to her and the light in her eyes softened A flash of golden light three eyes of golden light and shadow suddenly merged into Tang Wutong's body Tang Wutong's body trembled slightly then closed his eyes Yuhao! Huo Yuhao was awakened from his immersion by a gentle call With tears streaming down his face he slowly opened his misty eyes The call was too familiar and the coldness and tone made his heart clench in an instant I'm sorry Qiuer Huo Yuhao sobbed and cried A hand stretched out Jumping castle with slide slender and powerful gently pulled Huo Yuhao pulled up from the blue and silver lawn Huo Yuhao Leng Leng he saw that pair of cold eyes familiar cold familiar face And the sincerity and tenderness in the cold Qiuer Qiuer! Huo Yuhao's whole person froze and the pain in his heart instantly turned into Peng Pai's emotion He suddenly opened his arms and held her tightly in his arms Qiuer she is Qiuer She nestled in his arms cold eyes in the cold gradually dissipated replaced by incomparable satisfaction This satisfaction comes from the heart The power of no seal pushed them away and they hugged each other tightly Huo Yuhao's inner pain gradually melted in that tenderness and his whole person was revitalized Qiuer is it really you Really Huo Yuhao called softly It's me Yuhao It's really me In fact I have always been with you Don't be sad in fact for me maybe this is the best result "But" Huo Yuhao wanted to say something but his throat choked again and he couldn't say it after all Nothing good but

I chose this way because I thought it was the best for us Inflatable water park factory I am in your body become a part of you there is no power to separate us this is what I want to get ah! And my soul power and source power controlled by the power of fate were integrated into the body of Donger who was still sleeping at that time so when she recovered her memory and woke up she had the ability of me and Donger at the same time which was equivalent to the combination of my ability and Donger's ability My soul is in you and my power is in Donger So I really never left you! Yuhao I'm so happy do you know At this moment I really feel your love for me for the first time which is enough for me Have a good time with Donger whether she is Donger or Tang Wutong she is your favorite and I am your favorite part From the beginning of the incarnation of her appearance in fact

I have lost I will never be able to defeat Donger I love you she loves you more and you have a little love for me in your heart but your whole heart is hers Now the result is the most perfect Don't be so sad in the future If you are like this I will be more sad When you miss me hug Wu Tong more If you are with her you are with me She and I and you are already inseparable from each other Huo Yuhao dazed listening to Wang Qiuer he finally understood why Wang Donger became Tang Wutong Wuhun will produce such a mutation why she can also use the golden dragon gun originally in her body there is really a power belonging to Wang Qiuer ah! Source and soul Qiuer you have paid too much for me 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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"Well that's all up to you" See each other big package Chu Zhong can only be nodded promised but the heart is thinking because you are all a master Lao Tzu to worry about if more than one tank occupation and more than one treatment Lao Tzu is not worried Now Chu Zhong has some regrets if he knew it was to upgrade the copy he felt that he should form a treatment and then a T Chief it's under control You can come in The fish tail locked the copy Inflatable indoor park difficulty four divisions immediately entered the copy first after waiting for the fish tail to shout a voice in the team Chu Zhong took Parkins into the copy This copy of the ancient battlefield of Kabiras is completely different from the general copy After the general copy enters the copy again it will always leave a safe area for the player to brush BUFF and arrange tactics after the player enters the copy But the ancient battlefield of Kabiras is not the case This copy has two sets of bone shelves near the door of the copy Fish tail their high level is not worried about will lead to these strange but Chu Zhong is now only ten rashly into the result is bound to be surrounded by strange group so before Chu Zhong into the copy fish tail they as a pioneer is naturally into the copy of the door of the strange open some more secure

When Chu Zhong entered the copy the monsters around the copy had been led to a place about 15 meters away by the fish tail and the snow kiss had given the monsters a freezing effect However because the dungeon task is to kill all the monsters in the dungeon in the presence of Parkins they only control the next group of monsters but do not really start killing monsters Qiang Yin! As soon as Chu Zhong entered the copy he immediately entered the strong hidden state in order to protect himself Although his level dropped after reincarnation all the skills he had learned before reincarnation were retained Boss you control the NPC and hide it See Chu Zhong directly into the state of invisibility fish head Inflatable outdoor park reminded him to control NPC also into the state of invisibility Parkins is not an elite NPC he is just an ordinary NPC in the early ten thousand for the battle of this guy can be said to be no help and then he belongs to the thief profession defense and garbage mess That's why the fish tail proposed to make him invisible OK!” Chu Zhong nodded and then let Parkins also use Qiangyin although for this copy he can be called a white character but as long as the eyes are not blind people can basically see that this bird NPC will not have even a little bit of impact on the war situation For those elite monsters in their seventies Chu Zhong and Perkins played the same role and their ability to protect themselves from making trouble for others was a great help

After invisibility to ensure their own safety inflatable amusement park Chu Zhong stood in place a little bored this fellow began to throw observation on the strange head in the distance After reincarnation because Chu Zhong used the Medal of Attribute Enhancement he could not learn any new skills before level 50 but as compensation many of the skills that Chu Zhong had learned were enhanced including observation Observation can only observe monsters no higher than the player's own level 20 before reincarnation and only observe the most basic things such as monster type strength level and Qi and blood However after being enhanced by attribute enhancement medals the new observation will have a qualitative leap The new observation technique can not only observe monsters that are more than 20 levels higher than the player's own level (the new observation technique has no upper limit on the level of the monster observed but the more the level of the monster is higher than the player's the less likely the player is to observe the monster's attributes that is to say in principle Chu Zhong now has a chance to observe the attributes of a hundred levels of monsters But it's not certain whether you can observe it a hundred times or a thousand times and the attributes of the monsters you observe are no longer limited to the old four in addition to those things at the level of Qi and blood observation can also observe the general attack and defense of the target as well as some special skills and skills

The greater the probability of observing these messy properties) Observation is a low-level skill this skill upgrade needs to be skilled and inflatable bounce house with slide has nothing to do with skill points and Chu Zhong has practiced observation to full level before reincarnation but because the level difference between him and the monster is too big the fish head they will clean up the monster this fellow has not been able to observe a strange attribute of course In addition to Mr Chu's own reasons there is also an external factor that is the speed of cleaning up the fish head is too fast! Baidu search to read the latest and most complete novel http//wwwpaoshu8com/ Chapter 516 you carry it Although the ancient battlefield of kabilas is a seventy-five copy but because the fish tail is the elite difficulty the actual difficulty of the monster here is equivalent to the eighty-five elite monster but even if the difficulty of the monster has increased it has no effect on the speed of their killing monster!

Fish head when they kill the monster Chu Zhong in the side to calculate the four of them on average one person released to die to five magic the monster basically cleaned up this speed of clearing the monster even before Chu Zhong did not reincarnate can only be self-pity When killing BOSS as long as there is Chu Zhong these output professions of Tianhun Elite Group are basically far away from the throne of DPS first but when fighting Xiaoguai in groups even if the snow kiss belongs to the concurrent industry it often ranks in front of Chu Zhong who is the first and second in the output of Xiaoguai in groups that is the matter of the two brothers It basically has nothing to do with other output professions joyshineinflatables.com

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I don't know where Yundi has gone She seems to have some problems with Joana In fact I have a lot of things to ask her The people of Dwarf Village found Vester underground He was still alive but he escaped He refused to come back and face us He said that the ground would be darker and more terrible than the underground I think he has gone mad Duris said I can understand that people sometimes doubt the world themselves and God Are you in doubt too But God has been very kind to you and now that you have such great power what are you going to do with it "I want to find my past" Kant raised the surface of the helmet "I always Inflatable meltdown remember that there are many important things I have forgotten and you know so little about me" We also want to know more about this Paladin outfit you know Az and Ron will go to the foot of the snowy mountain to find Ron's master and seek the mystery of the epic of Ruoxinghan I think we might as well go together Maybe you can get what you want to know and I will also go all the way to find out the whereabouts of Miss Yustina I believe it will be a pleasant journey as long as My ragged body can hold out there Ron has said that his master is a very good medical researcher Maybe he can help you Oh what is that With a long hiss a white horse came out of the forest with a pure white hair covered with holy brilliance It went to Kant's side and raised its hooves happily

It seems to have come to you in particular! Duris said "It seems that God knows that our knight needs a BMW" "He seems to like this suit of armor better" Kant stroked the white horse that was licking the armor Give it a name "Somehow as soon as I saw it I remembered the name Blue Moonlight" "Blue Moonlight seems to be the name of a paladin's mount in ancient times" "Oh" I don't know Inflatable bouncer I just feel familiar with the horse and the name Only this horse can match your outfit and I've seen the power of your sword and I think I know where it came from "Oh" Kant drew out the sword and the cold light flowed on the blade and moved to the faces of the people and the trees around it and for a moment the forest was cold I think this is the sword of Udek mentioned in the epic of Ruoxing Han It is not made by magic people It can absorb the power of the undead Every time a person dies under the sword its power is greater In history there are fourteen Demon heroes and five human heroes six elves and countless warriors who died under the sword of Udek Their power is collected by this sword So there is a strong hatred in the sword and the power it sends out is called the fire of hell Duris said "Yusdek was the founder and the first chief general of the Hellfire Legion He led his troops to support the young Demon General Kachiyunde as the king and organized the scattered Demons on the ground He was the meritorious general of Kachiyunde who defeated the underground Demons and unified the Demon Empire

At that time the Hellfire Legion was a fearsome force on the ground and underground" But when Yusdek was old he was killed by the dwarf hero Minzhanl and the sword later fell into the hands of human paladins Well Inflatable mechanical bull if humans still have paladins I'd like to meet them "Yes" Ron's voice rang out "I can take you to him" "What" You just said there was "The last paladin of mankind go don't you want to see him" Az came over "Ron is his disciple but he doesn't seem to have learned anything" Ron nodded "So much has happened the Magic Men …" Beelzebub Black Knight The mainland may face a new crisis I'll go back and tell my master all about it It's so exciting! A descendant of a paladin is here with us Which one of the eighteen knights is your master Why doesn't anyone know he exists "He is the nineteenth knight the only disciple of Feng Yan Knight When Feng Yan was killed in an ambush when he attacked the fortress Dragon Bone City from the flank he inherited his master's title and equipment but the war was over before he came to the battlefield He is more than three hundred years old this year"

” All right! Let's go together Duris patted Kant on the shoulder "Cheer up young man Anyway you are the darling of heaven now Your body will be all right The way you look when you put on your armor is shocking You are arrogant and contemptuous of all your opponents!"! It's a little different from the way you used to look It seems that the armor of this paladin has brought courage to you I heard the magic man say that the high inflatable air dancer priest of the dead predicted that you would become a paladin It seems that it may be true Forget the pain Baiya wants you to do the same "Baiya" Who is she "You even forgot her You used to say her name You threw yourself into the river with her but you came up alone She and Yundi seemed to know more about you" "Oh" Kant was lost in thought Deep in the darkness of an ancient castle the huge stones that form the walls have simple patterns like the emblem of a family The black knight walked through the dark corridor to the huge empty hall and came to another stone room where a large chair was placed with its back to the door

He sat on it and sighed a long sigh as if a tired man had finally been able to lie down Suddenly a white shadow crossed it was a woman a cold sword on his neck He did not move Both were silent After a while the Dark Knight said "Are you here" "I failed" She said The Black Knight was silent I've been hesitating I can't do it Not long ago it was in this room Then you sat like this in pain and I comforted you with my heart and admired you deeply Then you shouldered the fate of the continent like a hero and now the warrior has fallen and everything is dark The woman's sword trembled There has never been a warrior Only cowards who run from their fate "I don't believe it I don't believe it" Did I lose you forever because of my hesitation Tears fell on the black armor and the black knight was indifferent joyshineinflatables.com

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Anyway I haven't been injured or lost anything now so there's no need to pursue any responsibility I contacted the elves and told them that I had nothing to do now but the distance was a little far and I had to walk back slowly As soon as I turned off the communication I patted myself heavily on the head How could I be so stupid I didn't know how to do such a simple thing When I just got the news I just needed to contact the elves Why did I run so far It Inflatable indoor park seems that caring is really chaotic Along the road of the Big Mac I slowly walked towards the Elf Forest Before I had taken two steps I heard a small voice calling constantly "Help help" Someone cries for help in a place like this There is no mistake dead is dead but also drop a level there is no big thing but also need to call for help Who would have saved you if I hadn't happened to pass by such a place No there are no humans here yet I was startled to remember this and the voice should be a woman's voice that is to say this call for help is probably a spirit or something I didn't want to take care of it but if the elves knew that I was doing nothing to save the elves

I was afraid they would blame me to death Besides these elves are more beautiful than one and they make people look very pleasing to the eye Following the place where the sound came from I looked for it carefully There was no way The elves were so small that I was afraid that if I stepped on them carelessly I would be in trouble Hey you call a little louder or how do I know where you are I shouted loudly and the voice that had just called for help was gone Hey say something How can I save you if you don't speak I continued to shout and there was no sound from the other side Forget it If you don't speak I don't care I'll go back I said threateningly You You Get your feet off me you You stepped on me The voice came from Inflatable outdoor park under my feet Ah what Surprised I quickly lifted my feet and a small butterfly was struggling in the soil Can butterflies talk My brain almost stopped working When will a little butterfly be able to talk I am not a butterfly I am a butterfly demon a beautiful butterfly demon in the world The butterfly demon opened his mouth and said A butterfly is a butterfly It's beautiful I think you're like a caterpillar now Sure enough the monster living in the elf forest is different from the ordinary monster and it is always beautiful

But she can't say how beautiful she is now She's covered with mud and no matter how beautiful she is it's limited You You The butterfly demon was so angry with me that he couldn't speak Okay what were you doing calling for help I asked not interested in quarreling with her or anything I forgot I forgot everything when I was stepped on by you The butterfly demon turned over and ignored me inflatable floating water park Oh forget it Forget it Then I'll go I said with a smile "I'm still so arrogant if you ask me See how I can cure you" Hey wait As soon as I took two steps the butterfly demon stopped me If you have anything to say I don't have time I said I'm not afraid you won't beg me Wait you're human How did you get in here The butterfly demon seemed to suddenly wake up and said That's how you walk in How else can you get in I said is it any wonder that I am human I've been in front of you for so long and now that I'm human I'm not too slow This is the Elven Forest How can a human come in here And and you're a man no it's impossible The butterfly demon said to me incredibly What's impossible I'm already here aren't I You're not an elf either You can be here Why can't I be here I said with a smile Of course I can be here The elves here are all my friends Don't go that way That's the forest of elves If you are caught by them you will be miserable The butterfly demon kindly reminded me

"Well how did you get hurt How can I help you" I asked for the sake of the butterfly demon's kindness to help me I won't tease her I just had a good time here and suddenly I don't know where to run over a crazy horse And it knocked me over here As a result you stepped on my foot Do you think I have a hard life Purr The butterfly demon suddenly cried and said I said "Why are all the monsters in your elf forest inflatable amusement park like this They always cry" I said helplessly Crazy Horse Probably said that the Big Mac just ran not to mention this small butterfly demon even the biggest monster will also be hit by it to fly Doesn't that work But the mastermind tells us that as long as we cry all human beings will be softhearted and then if we have any request you will agree to it in a muddle

The butterfly demon looked at me doubtfully and said his face puzzled and he stopped crying Not all humans are like this Come on I'll take you back to the elven forest I shrugged my shoulders and said Monk's book "Outlaws of the Marsh" has come out the book number is 6396 The website is p b1_d=6396 You can also read or search the title of the book through the author's column! Please cast your votes on that book The monk's book is in urgent need of votes This book has two chapters a day and the book has three chapters a day Thank you Chapter 173 The first episode of the world out of my generation Chapter 173 "Well thank you you can put me here the front is the elf forest you go in trouble they will regard you as the enemy" If only you were a girl then I could help you get an elf as a pet The butterfly demon sat on my shoulder and chattered joyshineinflatables.com

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