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Douro Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen
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Tang Wutong seemed not to have heard his face did not change and even showed a trace of relief Such a man is really worthy of love! The voice was silent for a moment "But your lover has become your ability" Huo Yuhao was also silent and then he slowly fell down the ground of the blue silver grass fell on its own so that he sat cross-legged Tang Wutong sat beside him Huo Yuhao loosened his grip on Tang Wutong's hand and the look in his eyes changed a little and a thick sadness spread out He did not want to remember that memory but for the sake of Xiaoya teacher he could not care so much Closing his eyes Wang Qiuer appeared in his Inflatable 5k obstacle mind The handkerchief blown by the wind the sudden sight of the goddess of light began to awaken in his memory My name is Wang Qiuer! Cold voice lingering in the ear The deep roar seemed to be her heroic posture when she exerted her strength The golden dragon lance in her hands turned into countless shadows and powerful forces which made her defeat one enemy after another Her cold and silent gaze represents the tenderness of her heart Under the cold exterior there is a fiery emotion like a volcanic eruption

He is running away but she is persistent past scenes piles pieces constantly echoing in Huo Yuhao's mind It was not until the end until that moment when she lit everything for him without hesitation and turned into a strong light of sacrifice into his body that he finally realized that he was wrong It turned out that in his heart no matter how unwilling he was to admit it there was already a part of her His heart is so painful and painful After her sacrifice he never took the initiative to recall what happened at that time because he dared not really dared not He was afraid of the pain and at this moment when the pain hit him he could hardly Inflatable water obstacle course breathe Tears had already covered his face and his whole body was trembling violently The faint golden light echoed in the air and his sad mood affected all the blue and silver grass and flowers around him They hung their heads as if they had withered and were grieving with him The faint golden shadow behind him gradually became solid and it came up to him raised its front paws and tried to touch him But after all it fell down lowered its head and its eyes were full of sadness and reluctance Just then a slender and white palm stretched out and grasped its front paws

The three-eyed gold raised its head in astonishment What it saw was a sincere and beautiful face with a touch of sadness on its pretty face Three-eyed gold nodded gently to her and the light in her eyes softened A flash of golden light three eyes of golden light and shadow suddenly merged into Tang Wutong's body Tang Wutong's body trembled slightly then closed his eyes Yuhao! Huo Yuhao was awakened from his immersion by a gentle call With tears streaming down his face he slowly opened his misty eyes The call was too familiar and the coldness and tone made his heart clench in an instant I'm sorry Qiuer Huo Yuhao sobbed and cried A hand stretched out Jumping castle with slide slender and powerful gently pulled Huo Yuhao pulled up from the blue and silver lawn Huo Yuhao Leng Leng he saw that pair of cold eyes familiar cold familiar face And the sincerity and tenderness in the cold Qiuer Qiuer! Huo Yuhao's whole person froze and the pain in his heart instantly turned into Peng Pai's emotion He suddenly opened his arms and held her tightly in his arms Qiuer she is Qiuer She nestled in his arms cold eyes in the cold gradually dissipated replaced by incomparable satisfaction This satisfaction comes from the heart The power of no seal pushed them away and they hugged each other tightly Huo Yuhao's inner pain gradually melted in that tenderness and his whole person was revitalized Qiuer is it really you Really Huo Yuhao called softly It's me Yuhao It's really me In fact I have always been with you Don't be sad in fact for me maybe this is the best result "But" Huo Yuhao wanted to say something but his throat choked again and he couldn't say it after all Nothing good but

I chose this way because I thought it was the best for us Inflatable water park factory I am in your body become a part of you there is no power to separate us this is what I want to get ah! And my soul power and source power controlled by the power of fate were integrated into the body of Donger who was still sleeping at that time so when she recovered her memory and woke up she had the ability of me and Donger at the same time which was equivalent to the combination of my ability and Donger's ability My soul is in you and my power is in Donger So I really never left you! Yuhao I'm so happy do you know At this moment I really feel your love for me for the first time which is enough for me Have a good time with Donger whether she is Donger or Tang Wutong she is your favorite and I am your favorite part From the beginning of the incarnation of her appearance in fact

I have lost I will never be able to defeat Donger I love you she loves you more and you have a little love for me in your heart but your whole heart is hers Now the result is the most perfect Don't be so sad in the future If you are like this I will be more sad When you miss me hug Wu Tong more If you are with her you are with me She and I and you are already inseparable from each other Huo Yuhao dazed listening to Wang Qiuer he finally understood why Wang Donger became Tang Wutong Wuhun will produce such a mutation why she can also use the golden dragon gun originally in her body there is really a power belonging to Wang Qiuer ah! Source and soul Qiuer you have paid too much for me 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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